About Us

Brand Mission

To support cannabis enthusiasts in stating their position in order to fully rehabilitate the plant in the eyes of the law, to encourage full-scale scientific and medical studies of marijuana and hemp properties and cannabinoids.

Our Story

The history of the brand goes back to 1996, when California became the first state to legalize the sale of medical marijuana. Since then, society’s views on cannabis consumption medical or recreational purposes have been constantly shifting towards tolerance and acceptance.

Today, there is very little stigma against people who enjoy cannabis. It has become a certain lifestyle with the stoner image in the past. Today’s consumers are successful, creative people, scientists, businessmen, artists, athletes and so on.

There is still very little data on the properties of cannabis, but even the things that have been proven show that it has numerous health benefits. Getting rid of the stigma completely and reinstating the good name of the plant will lead to large-scale medical and industrial research to better the well-being of human life and the planet.

Our apparel with its beautiful and smart prints meets all the demands of modern and educated people. They provide an emphasis on a person’s attitude towards canna lifestyle while doing subtly and in style. They reveal the full meaning of words and phrases to those who are in on it, and who will understand your statement at a glance. We want to let everyone who experienced the magic of this plant express themselves and share their views with the world.